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Fair Winds! – Global Trading & Services is a new, dynamic entrepreneurial reality started in Florence, Italy. Fair Winds! aim to develop new businesses all over the world, fostering a sustainable growth for the company and its employees.

Get out of the Building

Consolidate several commercial projects

In only a few years Fair Winds! was able to consolidate several commercial projects.

The most important investment was done in the field of tourism, founding the successful brand “Keys of Florence” which is currently active in multiple assets such as Travel Agency, Tour Operators, Property Management and Real Estate Office. Our network also grew abroad, establishing important collaborations with ventures in France, Poland and extra European countries such as Ghana and the United Kingdom…

Keys Of

Fair Winds! focus and profit expansion.

Focusing on profit and expansion does not prevent the firm from approaching entrepreneurial activities in an ethical way, caring for redistribution of resources and social solidarity.

Meet the Team

Arjuna Ullrich Rimbotti

CEO Owner, CEO & Founder to Fair Winds! Srl.

Abladi Granchi

CEO Legal Services Professional.